• Chartered Accountant Legal Auditor
  • Professor at LIUC University

Let me introduce myself

Matteo Martelli - Chartered Accountant

Legal Auditor

Certified as a Chartered Accountant and statutory/independent auditor in Italy since 2009.
Professor by contract of "Analisi di Bilancio (financial statement anaysis)"
at LIUC Università Cattaneo since 2011.
Graduate in Economics and Business Administration at LIUC in 1999.

Instructor at A.S.D.Karate Kickboxing - Legnano


The groove will be straight if the two horses pulling the plough proceed at the same speed.


Publication in Italian

I made a financial statement analysis of case 1 – Fjord Spa where I explained the kinds of information an external auditor is able to procure from different financial statements.